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Dec 10, 2013 2:00am PST
. it's not just president obama. the first lady michelle obama as well. former president george w. bush is with the president. hillary clinton also arrived on air force one, along with here is the arrival. former president bill clinton came separately as did former president jimmy carter. there you see george w. bush. former first lady laura bush. >> both michelle obama and barack obama have said how much he inspired them when mrs. michelle met him last year. >> let's listen in. >> we were talking earlier about the name nelson mandela. the name also madiba. explain that because many refer to him as madiba. >> it's better than mr. mandela or mandela. he actually preferred to be called madiba and i think people didn't know how to refer to him. the sense he was a father figure or a grandfather played in and he was radooted to his south african traditions. a lot of people just blankedly referred to him as tata which is father. when you talk about tata only one really father and the father of a nation but that personal intimate. no, he is my father too. i know when i've spoken to his p
Dec 5, 2013 2:00am PST
next year. >>> the white house is in full holiday mode. first lady michelle obama showing off the decorations. the visitors the next two weeks will be treated to the portuguese waterdogs ornament made out of black satin ribbons. one of the real first dogs sonny got a little excited yesterday knocking down a 2-year-old girl visiting from alabama! can you believe it? this is like the biggest white house scandal? no. >> look at that! >> that is the one where it looks nice. the next one, she ends up on the ground. >> she has a lasting memory there. they are all talking about it. >> the dog is bigger than she is. >> there she is on the ground! he decked her! >> he did not deck her. just a big dog. >> george w. bush had barney. >> she gets a hug from the first lady. it's all better. all better. >> i hope that girl doesn't have bad dreams of that nasty dog. >>> coming up, a celebrity chef airing her dirty laundry in court. lawson is opening up about her drug use and got to say a whole lot more as she tries to prove two sisters swindled her out of a million dollars. we are live in london
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2